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2007-04-14: Minor update to the VID spec. Speaking of which, the next version of ffmpeg now includes VID support; hooray MultimediaWiki!

2006-10-08: Found a newer version of Donald Tipton's Title application (requires TCL).

2005-12-21: Updated the various VID format specs with new info on how the audio sample rate is determined.

2005-12-15: Added a shiny new favicon. Io, Saturnalia!

2005-02-05: My second hard drive quit working a while back, so some links to Meepo.DNSAlias.Org are currently broken.

2004-12-21: Released a MakeVID prototype.

2004-11-07: My new VID frame compression routines appear to be working correctly. Here's a funky test video.

2004-10-30: Added sanity-checking and various other improvements to MakeBSA.

2004-07-15: Released a simple PAK file decompressor.

2004-06-30: Released WLDThing v3.00 beta 2.

2004-06-25: Released a v3.00 beta of WLDThing (formerly WOODS.WLD Editor).

2004-05-05: The Daggerfall Format Registry is now up on Interkarma's server.

2004-04-26: I have discovered that SAVETREE.DAT uses the same struct as the location postrecords in MAPS.BSA. Today's pics:

2004-04-03: Updated link to Interkarma's Workshop.

2004-03-26: Put up my new name generator app.

2004-03-21: Added several more of Donald Tipton's tools (thanks, CC!). Removed broken links to the editable docs which were taken down.

2004-03-18: The Daggerfall Format Registry has been taken off this site due to resource limitations. You can use the copy on Meepo.DNSAlias.Org for now.

2004-03-09: The Daggerfall Format Registry is now online.

2004-03-06: Added an editable version of Dave Humphrey's BSA format guide (divided into sections so it's easier to work with). Reformatted the SKY format guide in HTML.

2004-03-05: I've been doing some tests of a collaborative document editing system based on Edit This Page PHP; editable versions of the SKY and VID format docs are currently up for everyone to play with.

2004-03-03: Put up a newer (June 2002) version of the ATLAS binaries (thanks, Brendan).

2004-03-02: Dug up a copy of Donald Tipton's Title application. You'll need TCL to run it.

2004-02-28: Found a newer version of Donald Tipton's patched quests. Addendum: Apparently, I am a Chinese jet pilot.

2004-02-27: I think I've figured out all the haze/shade stuff.

Used when underwater.
Used during fog.
Used for general lighting.
Apparently unused.
Today's pics:

Current Projects

WOODS.WLD editor New Windows version is practically finished, though the interface remains nightmarish for the time being.
BSA creation/editing utilities Creation utility is working, but not exactly user-friendly.
VID creation utilities The frame compression routines have been reimplemented in Free Pascal, removing the limitations imposed by QuickBasic. An early prototype of MakeVID has already been created, though the current version requires audio blocks to be inserted by hand.
Town Editor Near completion, but on hold until I have enough info to make it work with the game.


Most of this software could not have been written without the excellent format documentation available at the UESP and the helpful folks of and the ES forums.

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